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Written by: admin on July 1, 2016

Placing a free escort ad on BuzzOnce is easy.

  1. Click the large ‘Post your ad‘ button at the top of the page
  2. Choose which category best describes your service. If you are from an escort agency, please create one account and post separate ads for different girls. Likewise, if you are an independent escort, just make one account and use this to post one ad, or several ads – experiment with different words, titles and pictures to see which gets the best results
  3. Write the title of your advert. Be descriptive, imaginative and clever to grab the attention of potential customers. One word titles are dull and don’t really work. Use a short sentence, for example, ‘The best tantric massage in London’ in order to stand out from the crowd
  4. Choose a name. Most escorts will use a made up name that they work under. Some will use their real name. It’s entirely personal. However, for the best chance of long-term success choose one name and keep it. Use the same name on all sites you advertise on and tell to customers. This allows people to better find you online, and share their recommendations with friends and colleagues and in the online community.
  5. Write an age. Please give the real age. No customer wants to be disappointed that the 19-year-old they thought they were meeting is actually 49. In fact, the chances are that by using your real age, customers will trust you more. Every man has different tastes, and it’s surprising how many are looking for mature escorts.
  6. Share your price. Tell potential customers how much you charge for 30 minutes and the price for one hour. In order to keep the site simple, we haven’t added options for longer sessions. Many men like to try 30 minutes or an hour first, then negotiate a price for longer.
  7. Detail your services. This is for making a list of services such as massage, oral, sex, anal, or any other services that are provided to customers.
  8. Choose incall, outcall or both. Incall escorts stay at their flat or parlour, while outcall girls tend to be those that work for agencies and have a driver to transport them around the city to the homes or hotels of customers.
  9. Location. Enter your postcode or the area you live. Don’t worry, the exact house number or street won’t appear to customers. They will have to call for those details.
  10. Write a description. This part should not be too short. If a potential customer is interested in the pictures and basic details, they will read the description. The description should give an idea of personality. If you’re fun girly, write this in the description. Or if you are strong and bossy, let your description reflect your character. Try to avoid spelling mistakes and make the effort to use proper sentences and grammer – this will improve the Google ranking of your advert and lead to more new customers.
  11. Phone numbers. This is the best way for potential clients to get in touch, so make sure that all the numbers are correct.
  12. Add images. Pictures sell products. Pictures also sell escorts, too. This part of the ad is the last, but almost certainly one of the most important. Choose pictures that are real. Yes, everybody can wear make up, and sexy clothes in their pictures to make them look more appealing. That’s fine. What’s not OK is fake pictures. It will only lead to unhappy customers, and wasted time and lost money. Once the pictures have been uploaded choose which one is the ‘featured’ photograph that appears on the list before being clicked. Now click submit.

An email confirmation will be sent once the advert has been approved by moderators and published on the site. Then sit back and wait for the calls to come in.

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